Alcohol Detox Clinics in Bedfordshire

Alcohol Detox & Rehab Clinics in the South East

Alcohol Detox & Rehab Centre in Bedfordshire

Accommodation : There are five sober living houses within close vicinity of the day care unit. The houses are comfortable and equipped with a TV. Supervision comes in the form of housing counsellors who can be contacted at any time of the day.

Ethos : Treatment for alcoholism in a highly supportive environment.

Alcohol Treatment : A personalised 12 step programme which is highly structured. There are four stages to treatment which include alcohol detox, intense group and one-to-one counselling and therapy, relapse prevention back in the real world, and aftercare. A comprehensive family support programme is offered. There is a focus on physical issues such as nutrition, hygiene, health and image.

Staff : An experienced team of counsellors, therapists and a registered GP.

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