Alcohol Detox Clinics in Berkshire

Alcohol Detox & Rehab Treatment Centres in Berkshire

At Alcohol, we work with the best alcohol detoxification and rehabilation clinics in and around Berkshire. We know what their treatment programme involves and this means that we can find the right residential treatment clinic near Berkshire for you.

Frequently asked questions about residential alcohol treatment in Berkshire

Is it safe to detox from alcohol on my own?

No. Withdrawing from any substance can be extremely uncomfortable. But for substances such as alcohol, abrupt withdrawal can be life-threatening. It is therefore essential that detox from alcohol is carried out under the guidance of medical professionals. Detox is usually safer in a residential clinic where clients will be monitored around the clock. However, in less severe circumstances, a medically supervised home detox can be arranged in the Berkshire area.

Will I need residential rehab treatment for my alcohol addiction?

On the whole, treatment in a residential rehab clinic gives you the best chance of a long-term recovery. There are fewer distractions from the outside world and you’ll be supported by a team of alcohol addiction specialists 24/7. Furthermore, alcohol is not easily accessible in a clinic so there is less tempation to relapse.

What sort of treatments can I expect in a residential rehab centre?

The rehab clinics in the Berkshire area offer a treatment programme tailored to individual needs. The programme is normally based on the proven 12 step model of abstinence, and takes a holistic approach to treat the body and mind. You’ll be offered a range of treatments which may include individual counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, group work, life skills workshops and relapse prevention. Many treatment centres offer alternative therapies such as yoga and art therapy.

What happens after residential treatment in Berkshire?

Detoxification and rehabilitation are only the first stages of a long-term recovery from alcohol addiction. Aftercare is the key to relapse prevention. We’ll arrange a structured aftercare programme which may include counselling and attendance at Alcohol Anonymous meetings. We can also provide a Sober Companion to stay with you after your discharge who will give you all the support you need for a seamless transition back into the real world.

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