Alcohol Detox Clinics in Birmingham

Alcohol Detox & Rehab Treatment Centres in Birmingham

At Alcohol Helper we work with the only the best alcohol detox and rehab clinics in and around Birmingham. We know what their treatment programme involves and this means we can find you the right residential treatment centre for you.

The detox and rehab centres in the Birmingham area have a reputation provide the highest level of client care. They offer a combination of rehabilitative treatment based on the proven 12 step model. Detox is provided for those who require it, in a safe-medically supervised environment.


Aftercare treatment in Birmingham for a life free of alcohol addiction

Recovery alcohol addiction is a long process. It doesn’t end as soon as the recovering alcoholic has completed a detox and rehab programme in Birmingham. Aftercare is equally as important. Returning home after residential treatment can be difficult and relapse is a real possibility. Clients need support, and aftercare is essential for the them to become re-integrated into the real world and to live a life free of alcohol abuse. Clients with a healthy aftercare plan are more likely to stay sober than those without a fortified follow-up programme.

The alcohol rehab clinics in Birmingham provide a structured programme of aftercare. Clients are given a tailor-made care plan which may include counselling, nutritional support and attendance of support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. And at Alcohol Helper, we can arrange or a professional Sober Companion to stay with the client for between 3 days and 6 months. We can also administer random alcohol testing at the request of the alcoholic-in-recovery’s family.

Family relationships often break down through alcoholism Thefore, it’s important that family members are also provided with support once their loved one has left residential treatment. In the Birmingham, families can participate in counselling and supportive psychotherapy, and we would encourage them to attend Al-Anon meetings. Aftercare helps families to better understand the disease that is alcohol addiction, and harmonious relationships can be re-built.

If you’re looking for alcohol addiction treatment in Birmingham, call us on  0808 239 1142 for free, confidential advice and support.