Alcohol Detox Clinics in Bradford

Alcohol Rehab Detox Treatment Centres in Bradford

At Alcohol we work only with the most successful detoxifcation and rehabiliation clinics near Bradford. We have a close relationship with treatment centres in the Bradford area so we know what their treatment programme involves.


Frequently asked questions about alcohol addiction treatment near Bradford

Can I detox from alcohol at home?

You can but only with medical supervision as withdrawing from alcohol can be painful and even life threatening. It also depends on the severity of your alcohol problem as withdrawal from alcohol can be dangerous. Home detox affords you privacy and convenience and you’ll be looked after by a nurse who will prescribe you medication from a group of tablets called benzodiazepines to alleviate thesymptoms of withdrawal. Usually, however, we would recommend a residential detox programme in a clinic around the Bradford area where you’ll get 24 hour care and all the support you need.

Will I need residential rehab treatment?

Residential treatment for an alcohol addiction offers the best chance of recovery. It provides an intensive programme of treatments that address  the physical and psychological issues behind the addiction and equips the alcoholicl with coping strategies for a life free from alcohol. ClIents live in a structured, safe environment with 24/7 support. However, there is plenty of outpatient treatment available in the Bradford area which may be suitable for those with a lesser problem with alcohol abuse who have not yet reached a physical dependency on alcohol.

What happens after residential rehab treatment?

Reintegrating into the real world can be difficult after residential alcohol treatment. Relapse is a real risk.You’ll therefore be given a structured programme of aftercare following discharge from residential rehab in Bradford. This may include local one-to-one counselling, relapse prevention therapy and attendance of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. If you require it, we can arrange for a Sober Companion to stay with you for between three days and six months. Family counselling is also available in the Bradford area and can help re-build relatonships that have broken down due to alcoholism. .

If you’re looking for alcohol addiction treatment in the Bradford area, call us on  0808 239 1142  and our experienced counsellors will give you the confidential help and advice you need.