Alcohol Detox Clinics in Devon

Alcohol Detox & Rehab Treatment Centres in Devon

Are you looking for an alcohol detoxification and rehabiliation clinic in the Devon area. At Alcohol Helper, we work with the  most the successful clinics around Devon. We know what their treatment programme involves and this means that our experienced assessment team can find the right treatment centre for your circumstances.

The detox and rehab centres near Devon offer an unsurpassed level of client care. With treatment programmes based on the 12 step model of abstinence, they help individuals understand the nature of their addiction, rebuild their lives and put them on the path to a long-term, healthy recovery.


Treating Alcoholism in Devon: day treatment versus residential treatment

Residential treatment in an alcohol rehab clinic is usually considered the most effective way of treating an addiction to alcohol. Clients are given an intensive programme of rehabilitation during which time they live in a safe environment with others recovering from alcoholism Clients have support 24 hours a day and no distractions from the outside world.

Most residential centres near Devong provide alcohol detoxification at the start of the treatment programme. Following a successful detox, clients undergo a personalised programme of therapy, counselling and education which can last from a few weeks to several months.

Day treatment programmes in Devon do not offer a detoxification programme but are an option for those who cannot commit to residential treatment or have a less severe problem with alcohol. The day treatment centre close to Devon provides a structured programme of rehabilitative treatment, based on the 12 step approach. Treatments are similar to those of a residential centre and include individual counselling, group work, relapse prevention and educational workshops. The risk of relapse is naturally higher in a day treatment centre as individuals do not have 24/7 support and have easier access to alcohol.

The day treatment centre near Devon also offers a pre-treatment support programme for those who are still usinf alcohol but are considering treatment for their problem. The group meets several times a week and provides structure and the support of others in a similar situation.

To find out more about the alcohol addiction treatment available in the Devon area, call us confidentially on 0808 163 9519.