Alcohol Detox Clinics in Lincolnshire

Addiction Detox & Rehab Treatment Centres in Lincolnshire

At Alcohol Helper, we work with the most successful alcohol detox and rehab clinics around Lincolnshire.

All our treatment centres in the Lincolnshire area offer an unsurpassed level of client care and a programme tailored to individual needs. Whatever your circumstances or however severe your alcohol problem, our experienced assessment team will find the rehab clinic that’s most suitable for you.


Effective treatment for alcoholism in Lincolnshire

Inpatient, or residential, addiction treatment gives an individual 24 hour care in an alcohol detox and rehab clinic. This type of alcohol  treatment is usually very effective as clients have a structured routine and are not distracted by the outside world, which enables them to focus on their physical and psychological recovery.  The programme is intensive and includes a range of therapies such as individual counselling, group work, relapse prevention and educational workshops. Most rehab clinics in the Lincolnshire area also offer alternative therapies such as yoga and relaxation techniques to compliment the more ardous therapies.

Outpatient alcohol  treatment allows the client to continue their day-to-day life and is suitable or those who use alcohol in a harmful way but have not yet developed a true dependence on it. The outpatient will usually be under the care of a Care Co-ordinator who will manage the client’s recovery plan. Programmes for outpatients vary according to needs but may include attending a rehab clinic for group therapy, visiting a local addictions counsellor and participating in Alcoholics Anonymous meeetings within the Lincolnshire area..

To find out more about alcohol addiction treatment in Lincolnshire, call  us on 0808 163 9519 and we’ll give you all the confidential help and advice you need.