Alcohol Detox Clinics in Manchester

Alcohol Detox & Rehab Treatment Centres in Manchester

Alcohol Helper works with some of the most successful and renowned alcohol rehab and detox treatment centres in Manchester. We have a close relationship with clinics in the Manchester area with so we know exactly what their programme involves.

The rehab clinics in and around Manchester offer a combination of treatments including one-to-one and group counselling and therapy, relapse prevention, life skills workshops and alternative therapies such as relaxation, yoga and art therapy. And should you need it, they also offer an alcohol detox a safe, medically supervised environment.


Alcohol counselling treatment in Manchester

Alcohol counselling can be an effective way of treating people with drink problems who haven’t yet developed a physical dependence on alcohol. Alcohol counselling is also important for alcoholics who have successfully completed a period of rehabilitative treatment. It gives them the continued support they need to live a life free of alcohol abuse. In and around Manchester, we work with highly qualified counsellors who are experienced in the field of alcohol addiction.

Individual counselling in Manchester

One-to-one counselling allows those with drinking problems to understand the issues behind their behaviour. Counselling can be conducted by telephone, online or face-to-face.

Relapse prevention counselling in Manchester

Alcoholics in recovery are at a real risk of relapse, especially in the first year after rehabilitation treatment. After all, alcohol is legal and easily accessible. Relapse prevention counselling will help individuals to develop healthy techniques to deal with a life free from alcohol use.

Family alcohol counselling in Manchester

Alcoholism affects can effect the entire family. Resentment and frustration may arise and relationships can break down. Family counselling offers a safe environment for families affected by alcohol abuse. It helps the family understand the diseases that is alcohol addiction, provides them with advice on dealing with their loved one’s drink problem and equips them with the tools necessary for re-establishing relationships.

Are you worried that someone you know is suffering from an addiction to alcohol? Call us on  0808 239 1142  and our trained alcohol  addiction counsellors will find them the right detox & rehab clinic in Manchester and give you all the support you need.