Alcohol Detox Clinics in Shropshire

Alcohol Detox & Rehab Treatment Centres in Shropshire

At Alcohol Helper, we work with the most successful detoxification and rehabilitation clinics near Shropshire and in the West Midlands. All our treatment centres in Shropshire offer an excellent level of care and a programme tailored to individual needs.


Stopping drinking in Shropshire

Alcohol is a powerful substance that’s extremely addictive. Drinkers can quickly become physically dependent and psychologically dependent on alcohol. This can pose many risks and drinking too much can be be life-threatening. Fortunately, alcohol addiction can be treated and there is a lot of effective treatment in the Shropshire area to help you stop drinking.

The first step to recovery from drinking too much is detoxification to remove the alcohol toxins from the body. Withdrawal from heroin can result in a number of painful symptoms which can become hard for the drinker to deal with. Alcohol detox should be carried out in a supervised environment so that medication can be prescribed to alleviate symptoms. The alcohol treatment clinics around Shropshire offer residential detox programmes which provide the alcoholic with support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After a successful detox, the alcoholic should undergo a period of rehabilitation in order to stop drinking for good. This is most effective in a residential rehab centre. The rehab clinics near Shropshire provide a structured programme of treatment which is usually based on the 12 step philosophy. The programme normally combine education, counselling and therapy to help the alcoholic to understand the nature of alcohol addiction and to equip them to a life without drinking.

Following alcohol rehab, a programme of aftercare will be offered to help the individual avoid relapse. Aftercare treatment in the Shropshire area includes individual counselling, relapse prevention therapy and attendance at Alcoholic Anonymous meetings.

If you’re in the Shropshire areas and want to stop drinking, call us confidentially on 0808 163 9519 and we’ll help you find the right treatment.