Alcohol Counselling

Recovery from alcoholism and alcohol abuse can be a long and difficult process. That’s why we offer a programme of alcohol counselling and therapy to help those with drink problems and to provide much-needed support for those around them. We work only with highly qualified counsellors and therapists who are fully experienced in the complex area of alcohol addiction.

Individual Counselling and Therapy

Counselling or therapy, such as psychotherapy or cognitive behavioural therapy, helps people with drinking problems to understand their alcohol addiction and address the psychological issues behind it. It gives them the strategies to help them change their destructive behaviour.

Relapse Prevention Counselling

Alcoholics in recovery are at a real risk of relapse, particularly in the first year after rehabilitative alcohol treatment. After all, alcohol is legal and easily obtained. We therefore offer relapse prevention counselling to help individuals develop and maintain healthy coping techniques to deal with a life free of alcohol.

Family Counselling

Alcoholism can negatively affect the entire family. Addiction can be hard to understand which means that family members may become resentful and angry. Family counselling can help the family understand that alcohol addiction is a disease and the alcoholic isn’t in control of it. It provides a place to air frustrations and gives family members with the support they need to deal with their loved one’s drink problem.

Get help for alcoholism now

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