Find an alcohol rehab

Rehabilitation is an essential part of recovery from alcoholism. A period of alcohol rehab addresses the underlying situation causing addiction and how to effectively focus on positive coping mechanisms. It helps you understand how your addiction affects those around you and it equips you with the tools to live a life free from alcohol abuse.

Residential alcohol rehab versus outpatient alcohol rehab

Residential rehab treatment usually gives those with a reliance on alcohol the best chance of sustained abstinence from alcohol use. Clients live within the treatment centre or in accommodation close to it and they are supported around the clock, 24/7. There is less risks of relapse in a dedicated alcohol rehab as alcohol is not easily accessed or available. Clients are given an intensive, tailor-made, structured programme of treatment which is usually based around the renowned 12-step model of abstinence. Treatment will normally combine individual counselling, group work, cognitive behavioural therapy and workshops such as relapse prevention. Some alcohol rehab clinics offer alternative therapies such as yoga and relaxation to address the mind as well as the body.

At an outpatient clinic, you will not have a routine of supportive groups within an alcohol-free residency. Therefore, it is much more difficult to commit to sobriety in challenging moments. The programme will also take a lot longer to complete, as you will be attending sessions throughout the week, with your normal routine between meetings. Although this treatment model is more difficult, it gives you the freedom to work around life commitments.

Support from Alcohol Helper

At Alcohol Helper, we’re here to support you all the way. We stay in contact with the rehab clinic to monitor your progress so that we can keep your family up-to-date with how you’re getting on. Once you’ve left the alcohol treatment centre, we’ll continue to monitor your recovery through monthly phone calls. We’ll also design an aftercare programme to give you the best possible chance of a long-term recovery.

At Alcohol Helper, we work with the most successful alcohol rehab clinics in the UK and internationally, and you can be assured that all of our UK rehabilitation centres are certified by the Care Quality Commission. Call us confidentially on  0808 239 1142  and our trained alcohol addiction counsellors will help you find the right rehab treatment for you.