Alcohol Detox Clinics in Ayrshire

Alcohol Detox & Rehab clinics in Ayrshire

Accommodation : The alcohol clinic is set within the grounds of an 18th century house which has a peaceful, discreet atmosphere. Bedrooms are large, en-suite and single occupancy. Clients stay in single-occupancy, large en-suite bedrooms. The many facilities include a spa house, cinema room, computer with internet access and a putting green.

Ethos : A safe, positive place where alcoholics get all the support they need to recover from alcohol dependence and learn to make the changes necessary for a life without alcohol.

Alcohol Treatment : An intensive alcohol treatment programme that helps alcoholics get to grips with the physical, psychological and emotional implications of their alcohol problem. The programme starts with a medically supervised alcohol detox, if required, which is designed to be as comfortable as possible. The personalised rehab programme follows the 12 step model and includes individual counselling, group work and holistic therapy.

Staff : A team of skilled counsellors, therapists, a doctor, nurse and psychiatrist who use their personal and professional experiences to help people with alcohol problems. They are supported by care workers and holistic therapists.