Alcohol Detox

Detoxification is usually the first step towards recovery for alcoholism. The alcohol detox process removes alcohol toxins from the body and manages the period where the body adjusts to no alcohol in the system.

Withdrawing from alcohol can be uncomfortable, so detox usually involves the prescription of sedative medication from a group of tablets called benzodiazepines, such as librium or diazepam. This reduces the effects of withdrawal,  making the process easier. Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild fever to seizures. Abrupt withdrawal from alcohol can actually be life-threatening as the body goes into shock. It is therefore essential that detox is carried out under medical supervision. Detoxing from alcohol usually takes about seven days but this period may be extended.

Residential alcohol detox versus home alcohol detox

Detoxing from alcohol is more effective in a residential treatment centre for several reasons. Residential detox tends to be safer because of the severity and danger of withdrawal symptoms. Furthermore, alcohol is not possible to obtain in a residential clinic so there is less temptation to sway you from successful recovery. Alcohol detox within a residential environment will usually be combined with counselling to reduce the risk of relapse. This means that you are more likely to successfully complete a detox in a residential treatment centre.

At Alcohol Helper, we have extensive relationships with alcohol detox clinics throughout the UK and internationally so you can be sure that will find you the most suitable one for your circumstances.

Life after alcohol detox

Detox is just the start of the recovery process and is unlikely to result in sustained abstinence from alcohol. Following a successful alcohol detox, the individual will need to undergo a period of rehabilitation. This will help them address the physical and psychological issues behind their addiction and equip them with the tools required to live a life free from alcohol abuse.

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