Alcohol Detox Clinics in Norfolk

Alcohol Detox & Rehab Treatment Centres in Norfolk

At Alcohol Helper, we work with the most successful alcohol detoxifcation and rehabiliation clinics in and around Norfolk. We know exactly what their treatment programme involves. This means that we can find the right residential treatment clinic in the Nottingham area for your circumstances.


Recovering from Alcohol Addiction in Norfolk

Alcohol addiction is a disease that can take over every part of a drinker’s life. Overcoming alcohol addiction means making huge changes to the way users live their life and think. Fortunately, alcoholics can recover from their problem, and there is help out there in and around Norfolk.

The first step on the path to recovery from alcoholism is usually detoxification which removes the alcohol toxins from the addict’s body. Withdrawing from any drugs will have painful physical symptoms so we would always recommend that detox is carried out in a monitored environment where medication can be administered to alleviate these symptoms. For alcohol detox, medication from a group of tablets called benzodiazepines is usually used. Home alcohol detox programmes are available in Norfolk. However, detox within a residential clinic will usually be more successful as the individual is supported around the clock and there is less temptation to relapse.

Following a successful alcohol detox, a period of rehabilitation will be needed. This allows the individual to address the physical and psychological issues underlying the alcohol addiction and to become equipped with the skills for a life free from alcohol abuse. Rehabilitation in a residential clinic affords the best chance of long-term abstinence as it provides a structured environment away from the distractions of the “real world”. The rehab clinics in and around Norfolk provide an excellent level of care and treatment based on the proven 12 step model of abstinence.

Relapse is always going to be a risk for anyone with a drink problem, especially in the first year after rehab treatment. Recovering alcoholics will therefore be offered a programme of aftercare and support. This may include individual counselling and attendance at local Alcohol Anonymous meetings.

If you need help for alcohol addiction in Norfolk, call us confidentially on 0808 163 9519 and we’ll give you all the advice and support you need.