Alcohol Detox Clinics in Northamptonshire

Alcohol Detox & Rehab Treatment Centres in Northamptonshire

At Alcohol Helper we work with the most successful alcohol detoxification and rehabilation clinics around the Northamptonshire area. Through our close relationships with them, we know what their treatment programme involves. This means that we can find the right treatment clinc in Nottinghamshire for your circumstances.

The addiction centres around Northamptonshire offer an excellent level of client care. They provide a safe, structured environment to address your problem and will give you the coping strategies you need for a life free from substance abuse.


Finding help for a loved one with alcoholism in Northamptonshire

Getting help for a loved one with an alcohol problem can seem overwhelming. But there are ways to do it and we can help. Intervention is proven to be the most successful and kindest way of getting someone close to you on the path to recovery from alcoholism. Through a properly orchestrated alcohol, drug or behavioural intervention, guided by a specialist interventionist, the individual is confronted with the reality of their problem and the impact it has on those around them.

Once a client recognises that they need help, we then look the treatment options available in the Northamptonshire area. If an alcohol detoxification is required, we can arrange either a home detox under professional medical supervision. Or we can arrange a detox within a residential treatment centre with 24/7 support for the client.

Rehabilitation is essential for long-term recovery from aloholism and this is most effective in a residential clinic with an intensive treatment programme. In and around Northamptonshire, treatment programmes combine a range of therapies, including one-to-one counselling, group work, cognitive behavioral therapy and alternative, holistic therapies, such as yoga and massage.

If inpatient treatment isn’t an option, Northamptonshire has a great range of outpatient alcohol services. We work with some of the best addiction professionals in the field and can get your loved ones the counselling and therapy they need to for a life free from alcohol abuse.

To find out more about alcohol treatment in Northamptonshire, call us confidentially on 0808 163 9519