Alcohol Interventions

Seeing someone you know destroy or harm themselves through alcohol abuse can be devastating. You know that they need help but how do you get them to recognise and accept that they need help for their alcohol problem? The answer is through a professional alcohol intervention. It’s been consistently proven that an intervention is the kindest and most successful way of getting someone onto the path to recovery from their alcohol addiction.

What is an alcohol intervention?

An alcohol intervention is a structured process involving an intervention team and headed by a specialist alcohol interventionist. The team typically consists of concerned family members, friends, and/or co-workers. The interventionist will assess the situation and give guidance and advice to the rest of the alcohol intervention team. The process ends with a meeting with the alcoholic. This gives the intervention team the opportunity to discuss their concerns and fears with the alcoholic. The objective is to get the individual to recognise the impact their drinking is having on those around them and to get them to accept they need help with their drink problem.

Family alcohol interventions

Family members don’t always understand the disease that is alcohol addiction. Frustrations arise and relationships can break down. And most alcoholics don’t realise the impact their drinking has on their family. An alcohol intervention equips friends and family with the knowledge and tools required to support a loved one with a drink problem. And, most importantly, a properly orchestrated alcohol intervention is often effective in setting the alcohol-addicted person on the path to a full and healthy recovery.

Corporate alcohol interventions

Alcoholism in the workplace is a real problem. It can lead to absenteeism, poor productivity and accidents. If you know or suspect that a work colleague has a drink problem, you need to act fast. But it can be a difficult situation and you may feel that you’re interfering when you shouldn’t be. After all, you may not necessarily be friends with the alcoholic. The most effective way to deal with drinking in the workplace is through a corporate alcohol intervention which is conductive discreetly and confidentially.

Get help for alcoholism now

At Alcohol Helper, we work with a team of trained alcohol interventionists who are highly skilled in motivating the alcoholic towards recover and treatment, and will give you all the support you need – at home and at work. Call us confidentially today on 0808 163 9519 and get help for someone you know with a drink problem.