Our Alcohol Services

At Alcohol Helper, our aim is to help individuals addicted to alcohol and to provide much-needed support for those around them. We’re not just about getting you help quickly, we get you the right help for your particular circumstances.

Our alcohol addiction telephone counsellors are fully trained to provide an initial assessment of your alcohol problem. From this we develop an individually tailored care plan which could involve alcohol detoxification, outpatient treatment, residential alcohol rehab or local counselling.

The Alcohol Helper team consists of some of the leading specialists in the field of alcoholism and addiction. We work only with the most successful alcohol detox and rehab clinics in the UK and internationally. So you can always be sure you’ll get the best possible treatment for your alcoholism.

Our alcohol services include

  • Free advice from trained alcohol addiction treatment counsellors
  • Free telephone and online assessments
  • Care co-ordination
  • Home and residential alcohol detox
  • Residential alcohol rehab
  • Outpatient alcohol treatment programmes
  • Alcohol interventions
  • Local alcohol counselling
  • Sober services
  • Aftercare
  • Family support

Get help for alcohol addiction now

Contact us confidentially on  0808 239 1142  and we’ll get you the right alcohol treatment and provide you with all the support you need.