Outpatient Treatment

Alcoholism exists on a continuum from less problematic to highly problematic. Residential treatment is an effective and appropriate option for people at the highly problematic end of the continuum, such as those who have a physical dependence on alcohol and drink every day. However, for people at the less problematic end of the addiction spectrum, such as binge-pattern drinkers users, our experience, backed up by clinical studies from all over the world, is that outpatient treatment is an effective alternative to residential alcohol treatment.

Alcohol Helper works closely with specialist alcohol addiction counsellors, therapists and healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive outpatient programmes tailored to individual needs and delivered locally.

Intensive Alcohol Addiction Counselling

We are proud to have developed a unique counselling programme for alcoholics who cannot commit to residential alcohol rehabilitation. The programme offers the individual an intense programme of counselling in their local area, and the support of an experienced alcohol addiction counselling.

Phase one: Intensive: Weeks 1 – 4

Two 50 minute face-to-face sessions per week.

Twice daily 20 minute telephone sessions on at least 5 days.

A minimum of one written work assignment each week.

Phase Two: Maintenance: Weeks 4 – 8

One 50 minute face-to-face session per week.

Twice weekly 15 minute telephone sessions on the remaining days.

A minimum of one weekly written assignmenst each fortnight.

Phase Three: Monitoring: Weeks 8 – ongoing.

One 30 minute call once a week for however long is deemed appropriate by the client and alcohol counselling.

If intensive alcohol addiction counselling is not required, we can provide a range of community-based alcohol treatments, including:

  • Individual counselling
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Relapse prevention counselling
  • Family counselling
  • Attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings

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