Alcohol Treatment

Treatment for alcohol varies from person to person, but there are set approaches to overcoming alcohol abuse and addiction. Addiction is defined as not having control over doing something, even at the point it becomes harmful, so although it may appear that people who drink have control, they need support to overcome their addiction.

This help can come in many forms, the first being detox, which must be carefully assessed to ensure safety. Detoxes can be done at home, outpatient rehab and inpatient residential rehab. It’s not advisable to go ‘cold turkey’ as this may lead to alcoholic seizure in some people.

The next stage after detox is some form of programme of recovery. This programme can include residential or outpatient rehab, peer support groups such as alcoholics anonymous, Smart Recovery, alcohol counselling, group therapy and many other treatments that can help reduce stress, help natural sleep and anything else that can keep you relaxed and focused on your recovery.